Process and Forms


We believe it is important to look at the entire financial picture as opposed to looking at issues individually. Understanding the entire financial picture will help us make better decisions as to likely outcomes and the tax consequences based on different scenarios.

  1. At the initial meeting we gain an understanding of your situation. We ask about your goals, hopes and fears relative to the divorce so we can understand your desired results. We will answer any questions you have. At the conclusion of this meeting, we will give you a client data sheet to complete and a list of the documents we will need.
  2. You gather and share your relevant documents to a secure online folder.
  3. We do the data entry, analysis and report preparation.
  4. We meet with you to review the reports based on your original goals or we can suggest additional settlement scenarios for your consideration. We work together until all options are decided.
  5. We write up a memorandum of understanding for you to take to your attorney to prepare and file.
“Thank you so much for your support. It was really helpful to talk with you, I am much clearer about a plan that is workable and realistic :)” – PI