Services For Attorneys

We contract with divorce attorneys desiring to outsource financial analysis to a specialist.

Family law attorney support

divorce financial

  • Assist clients in the preparation of the Sworn Financial Statement
  • Marital vs Separate Property valuations
  • Lifestyle Analysis
  • Pension and Retirement benefits valuations
    • Defined Benefit Pension valuations
    • PERA and Private Sector
    • Social Security
  • Modeling property division scenarios
  • Modeling maintenance scenarios
  • Estimating tax ramifications of settlement options
  • Assisting clients in the creation of realistic forward-focused budgets
  • Asset tracking and income analysis
  • Financial Mediator
  • Client Relationship Manager, empathetic setting and maintenance of expectations
  • Managing completion of assignments and follow up

Forensic accounting

Our auditing background comes in handy in situations where a spouse is trying to hide money, is unnecessarily wasting money or has an addiction/habit that is consuming a great deal of money (i.e., gambling). We can detect and follow the money trail, so you can see the entire picture.