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Use the right tools for the job

There are many tools you can use to have the most successful divorce. Just like you wouldn’t use a snow shovel to dig out a dandelion, you don’t have to fight it out in court to have the best divorce. (I found almost 300 results for “dandelion digger” on Amazon.)

When you and your soon to be ex (stbx) agree on most things, using an attorney who wants … Read More

Set Your Priorities

Someone told me recently, “There are no excuses or even reasons – just priorities.” He said he knew 3 things that I would do tomorrow no matter what. hmm OK – what are they? He said “I know tomorrow you will

  • Eat
  • Digest
  • Go to the bathroom “

He’s right. I always make time for those 3 things even if I don’t make time for anything else. Granted, I don’t have to … Read More