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Top 3 Divorce Settlement Mistakes

After the decree is final it’s too late to change the divorce settlement.  Please let me help you make smart choices based on good information. These are the top 3 mistakes you want to avoid:

#3 – The settlement doesn’t take the tax impact into effect!

Really? We all know that Uncle Sam will take as much as he can get. DO NOT agree to a divorce settlement without knowing … Read More

Top 5 Ways to Save Money During Divorce

Top 5 Ways to Save Money During Divorce

Couples who can work together in their divorce can save big on legal fees. Any money you save on legal fees is money you may get to keep.

  1. Don’t use your attorney as the channel for communication. Use your attorney for understanding the law and how it applies in your case. An attorney is too expensive to use for figuring out who is going to pick the
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